The Story Behind ‘Moving Day’ 0

I moved to Nashville for three reasons. Firstly, I wanted a backyard. I’d been living in apartments in Los Angeles for 14 years, and I felt like a backyard would make me feel more accomplished and grown up. Buying a house in or around L.A. was impossible – even after saving up for years, I(…)

I’m Making A New Record!! 0

  I’ve started recording a new record! It’ll be my first TRULY independent album release since 2007! Please watch this video for all the info, and then pre-order the album/ grab other exclusive items, if your heart so desires 🙂



So excited to see The Hapa Tour FINALLY becoming a reality! Click HERE for cities, dates, and ticket links! Growing up in my tiny town of Roberta, Georgia (population 808), me and my sister were the only ones who were part Asian. Like seriously, the ONLY ones. I felt so proud to be different, but(…)

Life, Part 2 0

In March, 2009, I was supposed to open up for Jason Mraz on a European tour. At the last minute, it fell through. I was devastated but ended up booking some shows at SXSW to make use of my time. I was only there for a few days and had a pretty busy schedule. After(…)

Lovers & Fighters EP Out Now!

Lovers & Fighters EP Out Now! 0

Hellooooo! So excited to let you know that my new EP, Lovers & Fighters, is officially out now!! YAY!!!!! Here’s where you can get it on iTunes: Here’s where you can get it on Amazon: If you’d like to listen to it before you buy it, I’ve got it streaming on my website(…)