Update From China!

Update From China!

China is amazing! Internet is sparse here, but I’ll try to update again soon! I’m playing the first show of my two-week tour tonight in Beijing. This city is beautiful and HUGE!!!! There is some pollution, so I’ve been wearing a mask most of the time when I’m outside. I have a super cool tour guide/translator with me, and got very lucky because she speaks amazing English, knows all the good food places to take me and is a generally awesome person. So YAY for that!

Yesterday she took me to get a foot massage. A lot of you recommended it, so I did it. It was a little painful because they focused on pressure points, but today I feel like a new person. HA!

Hope all of you are doing good!!!


Dear You…


My new record is out today! AHH! Feeling happy and relieved that it’s getting such a good response! CD release show is tonight at the Bootleg in LA… Good times!

Some Love from the University of Georgia newspaper The Red & Black!

Some Love from the University of Georgia newspaper The Red & Black!

Got a bit of love from UGA and their newspaper The Red & Black!

by Ben Dell’Orto 


Though Meiko may have been born in Georgia, she found a career in California. Now, a tour promoting her upcoming album gives her a rare chance to return home.

“I’m from Roberta, Ga.,” Meiko said. “I’ve never played Athens before, which is weird because I’m from so close.”

Since breaking out into the music scene as a talented singer-songwriter in 2007 with her self-titled, self-released debut, Meiko has recorded another album, “The Bright Side.” Her previous two albums were largely acoustic, but she used her upcoming release, titled “Dear You,” as an opportunity to experiment with some additional influences.

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