Lovers and Fighters EP

Lovers and Fighters EP

Hey there!

I’m SO excited to let you know I’ve got a new EP coming out on February 10!

It’s called Lovers & Fighters (just in time for Valentine’s Day!), and and it will be available digitally worldwide – woo hoo!!

Lovers & Fighters includes five songs – four brand new ones, and one of my favorites from my latest album, called “Sweeter”. I can’t wait for you to hear them all!!

Speaking of “Sweeter”, I recently shot a live acoustic video of the song while I was in Florida – we filmed it in an old ice factory where they make and chop GIANT blocks of ice. It was a very cool (err …cold! huh huh) experience and the video came out really great – check it out here or click the image below.

Meiko – Sweeter from Pilot Moon Films on Vimeo.

In other news, I’ve got some live shows coming up. Check out my tour page for more deets.

That’s it for now – Hope you like the new EP – it was really fun recording these songs and I’m so happy they’re seeing the light of day!!

Party on Wayne,


I’m Playing Live On VH1 Tomorrow AM!

I’m Playing Live On VH1 Tomorrow AM!

SET YOUR ALARMS! I’m performing on VH1‘s “Big Morning Buzz Live” tomorrow (Wednesday) morning! The show airs at 9AM/8C on VH1, and my performance will be live at around 9:45AM/8:45C.


Update From China!

Update From China!

China is amazing! Internet is sparse here, but I’ll try to update again soon! I’m playing the first show of my two-week tour tonight in Beijing. This city is beautiful and HUGE!!!! There is some pollution, so I’ve been wearing a mask most of the time when I’m outside. I have a super cool tour guide/translator with me, and got very lucky because she speaks amazing English, knows all the good food places to take me and is a generally awesome person. So YAY for that!

Yesterday she took me to get a foot massage. A lot of you recommended it, so I did it. It was a little painful because they focused on pressure points, but today I feel like a new person. HA!

Hope all of you are doing good!!!