Whoa! New Meiko Things??


Lately, I’ve been taking small breaks from mommy-hood to really focus on my music and figure out my next steps. I’m so excited to announce that I have a Patreon page! 

What is Patreon? Well – it’s a way for fans to connect with artists to get exclusive access to new and previously unheard/unreleased material – on a regular basis – WAY before it’s released to the general public. I like to think of it as a fan club, post-1992. I’ll be focusing lots of my attention on this page – posting blogs, new songs, older songs I’d never put out, and videos, updates on my life, and thoughts on the world, etc. I love Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and I’ll of course continue to use those …but those dang algorhythms really make it hard for people to see everything I post!

Example: When my last record, MOVING DAY, came out, I posted an announcement on Facebook. On the bottom of the post I saw that only 300 people had seen the post. I have roughly 70,000 “followers”…. and only 300 people saw the announcement about my new record?? 🙁

This is when being an indie artist gets difficult. It’s hard to depend on those sites to promote new material. They only show things in people’s feeds THEY think would be interesting. I can post a picture of an adorable puppy and it will show me that 30,000 people have seen it. It’s nuts!

Anyway – here is a link to my “fan club” (huh huh). You can choose from a variety of options to help support my music, and and hey, if you don’t, I understand. Times are tough and I know this well 🙂

Anyway – please check out the page – I’m really excited about this! Here’s the link!