The Hapa Tour!

So excited to see The Hapa Tour FINALLY becoming a reality! Click HERE for cities, dates, and ticket links!

Growing up in my tiny town of Roberta, Georgia (population 808), me and my sister were the only ones who were part Asian. Like seriously, the ONLY ones.

I felt so proud to be different, but didn’t really feel a part of
something bigger until I met so many more Hapas later in life. Los
Angeles is to thank for that. I felt like I was part of some sort of
club – and being a singer, I’ve come across some really awesome Hapa artists. I had this idea to start a little tour called The Hapa Tour, so that a few of us could go around and spread the word that it’s OK to be mixed!!! It’s what makes us unique. I grew up on fried chicken and sushi and that’s what I knew as the “norm”. Other people thought it was weird, but I knew I was special 

I met Marié through the Hotel Cafe, the place where I waited tables /played shows. I remember thinking that she smelled really good. Haha! Like baby powder and Jasmine or something like that. Anyway – we became friends and she was super down to make my dream of having a Hapa Tour become a reality. I’m so lucky and grateful that this thing is finally HAPA-ning (huh huh)! Not only is it great to be on tour again, with a friend… But this time it has more of a special meaning. I feel like we are representing for all the little kids out there who’ve felt confused when checking a box that asks what we are. To the ones that chose “other”… This is for them.

Meiko Meiko